Iran, Syria, Regime Change, And The Resistance Axis

This is an opinion article by Elie Shlahoub in the June 27th edition of the Lebanese daily newspaper Al Akhbar.

“The Syrian turmoil is targeting the Islamic resistance in Lebanon; and defending Damascus constitutes protection for Beirut and Tehran. This is in short, the Iranian approach to the events taking place in the Levant as “We will not allow the hand of the Sayyed of the Resistance to be broken” and at the same time “we will not allow that the spring of the Arab revolutions be pirated.” Relations with Saudi Arabia are severed and relations with Qatar are frozen. As for Ankara, it must be cautious: Syria is a red line even if this calls for bombarding the American bases in Turkey."
That is to be expected.  Iran will not allow the overthrow of Assad.  Clearly, the Syrian revolution 2011, by accepting sponsorship from Hariri, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the US, is presenting itself as a threat to Syria's long time allies.  The Syrian revlution 2011 is targeting mainly Syria's foreign policy and not so much domestic policy.  That is another feature of the Syrian revolution 2011 that is not found in the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions which kept mostly the same foreign policy as hte old regimes they overthrew.

Much has been written and said about Turkey's role in the Syrian crisis but Iran is a powerful regional player and the guardian of the resistance axis. It will not allow any attempt at breaking this resistance axis to easily succeed.


HS said...

Dear Sophia,
With all respect due to Lebanese opinions in Lebanese newspapers , lets us concentrate on facts.

The clear choice facing the Middle East peoples is
"Secular State" versus "Religious State"

My support clearly goes to the " Secular State" including the actual government in Syria and Ataturk's Turkey.

HS said...

What I call facts :

Sometimes,when you read carefully the free press , the truth emerges about the Muslim Brothers aka unarmed peaceful protesters in Syria .

Omar arrive du Yémen... son fils avait été blessé par balles et transporté à Antakya. ... Lui-même a quitté la Syrie en 1980, sous la dictature d'Hafez el-Assad, et n'a jamais pu y retourner: «J'ai été condamné à mort, c'était le tarif à l'époque pour les membres des Frères musulmans». Cette fois-ci, il espère que ce soulèvement sera le bon pour se débarrasser du clan el-Assad. «Inch Allah, la jeune génération a pris la relève et nous finirons par obtenir nos droits.»


Sophia said...

Dear HS,

I have little internet connection right now and will resume blogging soon

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