Syrian refugees in Turkey prisoners of armed groups

Al Manar reported this morning sunday June 26th that Syrian refugees in Turkey are being prevented from returning to their homes in Jisr Al Shoughour by armed groups inside the camps. A delegation of Syrians, including a cleric, sent to Turkey to visit the refugee and ask them to return home, was attacked. Al Manar showed a smashed car window and a cleric who was hit by a stone in his eye. The Syrian red crescent is taking responsibility for the safety of the people of Jisr Al Shoughour. The people inside the neatly aligned tents are said to lack food and water.

UPDATE: Syrian opposition inside Syria readies first meeting tomorrow to find a way out of the crisis. The government is said to have authorised the meeting but will not be participating in it.


Anonymous said...

Sophia, I have always loved your blog.
Please don't believe the lies of Al Manar concerning Syria.
They'll say anything to protect their ally.

See Hamid Dabashi on the hypocrisy http://english.aljazeera.net/indepth/opinion/2011/06/2011625114740529701.html

Syrian Commando said...

I just love it, he tells us not to believe lies then he links to Al jazeera.

Sophia said...


Thank you. I appreciate. I am not taking any stance here. I am reporting news that I believe are not reported elsewhere because the news are so biased on Syria. I think it is worth it.

Sophia said...


I read Dabashi's analysis. I must say that his analyses are a bit superficial. I do not agree when he says that the enmity with Israel is a raison d'être for Nasrallah. That's literally false. I would say that the enmity with Israel is the raison d'être for the weapons of Hezbollah which enable them to maintain a certain influence in Lebanon because the only thing that changed in Lebanon after more than 30 years of civil war is the emergence of Hezbollah as a political force, a force the traditional parties were going to dismiss easily without the military force of Hezbollah. 
Shias were mostly left out by the Lebanese state, no services, no protection, Amal was weak. Hezbollah gave voice to this community. But Hezbollah is also something else than just weapons, it has a civil society behind it, the best and the most organised civil society in Lebanon thanks to Hezbollah.
It is so superficial to dismiss Hezbollah as just a military force.

As for their stance on Syria, I think were the revolutionary forces in Syria indigenous and sincere, Hezbollah would have sided with them, but by getting at Assad, the Syrian Revolution 2011 which is mainly o foreign enterprise is trying to get at Hezbollah. That's my honest assessment. Many people tried to separate Syria's Assad and Hezbollah while offering Syria near to nothing and empty promises because they are not able to extract anything from Israel, that's what engaging with Syria was all about. But this failed, so now they are trying to get at Hezbollah through Assad. 

I know that Hezbollah was labelled as hypocrite in its stance toward Arab revolutions because it voiced no criticism of the Syrian regime but why would they do so while they know very well that the Syrian revolution 2011 is a tool in the hands of the west who is trying to get at them? 

But I must admit that would Assad have been offered something substantial, he would have ended his alliance with Hezbollah. I have no illusions about this. However, I think it is too late for those who are trying to get at Hezbollah. In my opinion the party can exist without the support of Syria and even Iran because it has a solid popular base in Lebanon. It wouldn't be as competitive as it is now, it would exist as a diminished military and political force, but it would exist anyway and the popular support behind it will not die. 
And Hezbollah’s support for Assad is like the support of any traditional ally, they are not going to let down Assad now but would the Syrian revolution 2011 appear more tolerant, more secular, less influenced by USrael and the sectarian sunni masters of their local enemy Saad Hariri, Hezbollah would let down Assad. Hezbollah has shown so far that it is more pragmatic in its politics than any other party who may seem less ideological at first sight.

USrael is unable to quarantine this movement as it did for Hamas because of Hezbollah’s regional allies and internal popular support across all Lebanese sects. The west’s problem with Hezbollah is that we have here a Cuban style movement with strong local popular support, a legitimate representation in the government and strong external regional allies.

Syrian Commando said...

My impression was even worse.

"Look there's people fighting against a state"

"Hezbollah is fighting against a state (Israel)"

"Therefor Hezbollah is a hypocrite for not siding with those people"

There's absolutely nothing hypocritical about Hezbollah's position. A conspiracy flung against Syria is not something you should support just because its irregular forces fighting a state.

Disingenuous at best, absolute retardation at worst.

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