Tom MacMaster On Ressuscitating Gay Girl In Damascus And Saving Arabs

Tom MacMaster, the man behind the hoax that was Gay Girl in Damascus, still wants to believe in Amina. In this exchange, answering questions sent to him by Angry Arab, he talks passionately about Amina and about his grand fiction masterwork to save the Arab world!

I think this man is having the Lawrence of Arabia syndrome but if he really knew Syrians well he would have known that they hate Lawrence and they never considered him as a saviour, only an annoying spy.

UPDATE: Tom MacMaster is now accused of using another fake identity to defend the Gay Girl Hoax. Mr. MacMaster is now even threatening to turn right wing because of the criticism he is facing from pro-Palestinian advocates and the liberal press. Could it be an allusion to the recent u-turn of The Guardian on this issue? Right wingers beware!

The Guardian is apparently now critical of Tom Mac Master after having largely contributed to the fame of his gay girl blog and defended it until the last minute, and probably having been fooled and humiliated by Mr. MacMaster.

So now basically Tom MacMaster is ressuscitating Gay Girl and The Guardian is ressuscitating Tom MacMaster. Crazy how much a fake story can generate news content for The Guardian!

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