US and UK Meet Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Representative In London

From Angry Arab.

Links about Al Bayanouni and the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood:

The Muslim Brotherhood: the trojan horse of the syrian revolution. (article in Arabic)

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood between piety and lethal errors. (article in Arabic)

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood by Gary Gambill (article in English).

Al Bayanouni speaking on the Syrian regime, Iran and Israel.

As of late, sunni extremism has become respectable to USrael and the west in general. Some links:

Israel and Saudi Arabia are natural allies.

Wikileaks: Hariri to the US: Syrian Muslim Brotherhood not extremist and they want peace with Israel

Israel wants a committment from the US to protect the Saudi regime.

UK and US want to make peace with the Taliban.

Al Bayanouni improves on Alawi question!!!! (but this was the context of the aftermath of the July 2006 war in Lebanon when everybody thought that Hezbollah was so weak and so unpopular that the Syrian regime was ready for compromise...

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood new leadership: assessment of the Bayanouni years.

General information about the brotherhood and its ideology.


Anonymous said...

The MB trace is all over: MayorKhairullah (a former American Muslim mayor of a town in New Jersey, with a Syrian background) on Twitter reposts from WesalTV, and sends a daily list of what should be tweeted and to which person or influential group (basic lobbying).

Feda al Sayed in Sweden, also affiliated.

So now it is for the West to see how failed are the MB, from Sudan to Cairo and Benghazi, and no one will ever want to speak to whatever Syrian opposition. The media is also silent on Asad's offer to all the opponents to come back.

Sophia said...


The media is biased and they are toeing the line of their respective governments. Did you here about this TV5 commentator who said that the pro-Bashar manifestation were actually anti-Bashar?

Since March 29th 2006